User Experience (UX)

We'll help you transform your idea into a great user experience focusing on your business goals, customer goals and user goals.

UX Research (Customer development & Competitor analysis)
UX Strategy (User Stories, Customer personas, UX focused on Unique Value Proposition)
Usability Testing (A/B testing. Live user testing with video, user reactions and incident time tracking. Remote and local)
Cross-platform prototyping (Wireframes, Low-fidelity, Functional interactive prototypes)

“Even the best designers produce successful products only if their designs solve the right problems. A wonderful interface to the wrong features will fail.” Jakob Nielsen (Nielsen Norman Group)

Design and Brand identity

We'll help you create the interface, logo, visual identity, mood and brand for your product.

Responsive User Interface Design (App, Web and Mobile) based on UX principals
Brand and visual identity (Logo design, UI components, Mood boards, Design standards manual)
Video presentations (Video and UI composition and special effects)

“Making the solution seem so completely inevitable and obvious, so uncontrived and natural. It's hard.” Johathan Ive (Apple)

Development (App, Web, Games)

We'll bring your product idea to life, by building a responsive website, cross-platform app or game.

Research (Key narratives, Feature requirements and priotization, Competitor analysis, User behavior studies and gamification concepts)
Clear development roadmaps (Sprints, Milestones, User interviews, Client meetings)
Front-end development (Cross-platform, Responsive, Multi-platform OAuth login systems)
Back-end development (API definition and implementation, Database optimization, Purchase integration)
DevOps (Unix configuration and setup, Docker implementation)
Back-office and Metrics (Implementation of analytics goals and journeys, Back-office for data access and analysis)

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

3D Modelling and Animation

We'll help you transform your idea into 3d. We create characters, assets, buildings and animations.

3D Modelling
3D Character Design
3D Character animation
Image and Video Rendering

“Any time you design a character for a Disney picture, it's going to become the definitive design for that character. You need to put in the care if its going to live in history.” - Glen Keane (Disney)

Shopify stores

We'll help you bring your store to life. Setting up the layout, design, payments and custom themes.

Setup and configuration Shopify store
Customizing themes and layouts
Configuring Shopify best-practices to optimize sales
Configuring analytics for user behavior

“A lot of people have a great business idea; they just need a little push to make it a reality.” - Tobias Lutke (Shopify)