Local Experts

Local Experts is an app that connects employees in the tourism sector with services for tourists. The app connects the tour guide with tourist attractions where they can share a code to the tourist in exchange for a commission.

Our goal was to understand the industry to design and build an app that would allow for a seamless digital referral system.



  • Build a referral based system for Tourism industry
  • Connect Tourists, Businesses and Workers (Tour Guides/Concierges/Drivers)
  • ——


  • Research tourism industry to understand referrals system
  • Optimize flow to ensure security, transparency and credibility
  • Design and develop (React Native) App for Workers in tourism industry to quickly make reservations
  • Design and develop (React Native) App for Businesses in tourism industry to easily accept reservations
  • Apply gamification features to reward participation
  • Apply metric analysis and security features to ensure credibility
  • Implement notification features
  • Launch on Android and iOS stores
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