Marble Adventures

Marble Adventures is an interactive online mobile game where players solve interactive and puzzles.

The game has two main game modes an offline single-player mode to solve puzzles and a competitive ELO based multiplayer mode.

The design process consisted of multiple iterations and user testing sessions to define next steps, interest and viability of the product.



  • Creation of a new IP
  • UX/UI of the mobile game based on users feedback
  • Brand and media content design for Play Store and App Store
  • ——


  • Full characters lore and comic book illustration between scenes
  • 3D modeling and animation from the obstacles to the bosses and powers
  • UX/UI Design of the game based on Lean UX ideals
  • Game design for every puzzle level and obstacle functionality
  • Landing page design to support the game release
  • Video Ad focused on the game’s main features
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