VW Leva-te ao Euro

VW Leva-te ao Euro is a brand activation event created by Football Dream Factory for Volkswagen car stands.

The event consisted of a sequence of football themed challenges after which the participate would create a 3D Avatar card (developed by Chilltime and Football Dream Factory) with their score. This score would give participates the opportunity to win a ticket to the Euro 2020.

As a consequence of the pandemic and the social distancing requirements, we were asked to extend the 3D Avatar card app into a Football themed App with various football mini-games.



  • 3D Avatars branded by Volkswagen
  • Football themed mini-games
  • Quiz with Football and Volkswagen questions
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  • Take a photo of participant and apply to a football themed 3D model
  • Create a card (which can be printed) with the 3D avatar and score
  • 5 football themed mini-games (inline with the existing physical event)
  • Usability tests with participantes of various game modes
  • Apply technology to promote fairplay
  • Backoffice for client to review, manage and export results
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